Esercizio past simple e continuous

esercizio past simple o past continuous

esercizio 2

1. ______ when I visited you last week?
  • Did you work
  • Were you working
  • Did you working
2. She _______ when you called
  • studied
  • were studying
  • was studying
3. I ________ a bath when Luca arrived.
  • was having
  • had
  • I am having
4. We _________ basketball when John lost his phone.
  • was playing
  • played
  • were playing
5. Scegli la frase corretta.
  • When he was opening the door, it rained
  • When he opened the door, it was raining
  • When he opened the door, it rained
6. Scegli la frasi corretta.
  • When she were leaving the house, the sun was high
  • When she left the house, the sun was high
  • When she left the house, the sun were high
7. He heard a noise while she _________ with his friend.
  • was playing
  • played
  • was playng
8. He met a lot of friends while he ______ in Argentina.
  • were working
  • worked
  • was working

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