Esercizi su used to e would in inglese (online con soluzioni)

esercizi di inglese con used to e would online con soluzioni

esercizio 1

1. Ero solito scrivere ogni giorno.
  • I use to write every day.
  • I would to write every day.
  • I would write every day.
2. Ero solito andare, ma ho smesso due anni fa.
  • I used to go, but I quit two years ago.
  • I would to go, but I quit two years ago.
  • I use to go, but I quit two years ago.
3. ero solito guardare la tv ogni giorno.
  • I would watch tv every day.
  • I used to watch tv every day.
  • I'd watch tv every day.
4. When I was young, I ______ watch tv every day.
  • would to
  • would
  • use to
5. When we were kids, we ________ amazing games.
  • would play
  • would played
  • used to played
6. When I was a little girls I _____________ easily.
  • used to jumping
  • would jump
  • used to jumped
7. When I was a student, I ______ love sleeping late on the weekends.
  • used to
  • would
  • would not
8. When I was child, I ______ like tennis.
  • would not
  • would
  • used to

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