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esercizi past perfect simple e past perfect continuous con soluzioni

esercizio 1

1. Marco was Lara's boyfriend. She______ him all her life.
  • 'd known
  • 's been knowning
  • 'd been knowning
2. The workers were dirty because they ____________ in a mine.
  • had worked
  • 'd been working
  • had work
3. She was glad when She found her keys. She _______ for them all day.
  • had looked
  • 'd been looking
  • had been looks
4. I was tired, so I had to have a break. I ______ so long.
  • drove
  • Had driven
  • had been driving
5. The garage was blocked in the morning. It ______ all night.
  • had been snowing
  • had snowed
  • had been snowed
6. She called me at 2 in the night to tell me that she _________ a solution.
  • had finded
  • had been founding
  • had found
7. I __________ to travel. That's why I was so happy to accept that work.
  • had always wanted
  • had always been wanting
  • had always been wanted
8. We __________ there since 1980, you know.
  • had stay
  • had been staying
  • had stayed

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