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will e to be going to esercizi

esercizio 2

1. I can't pay the bill. Don't worry.______ help you.
  • I won't
  • I am going to
  • I will
2. It's Luca's birthday tomorrow, so _______ her a present.
  • we are going to buy
  • will buy
  • we going to buy
3. Do you think they _________ the cake we ordered for them?
  • will to like
  • 're going to like
  • 'll like
4. My sister ___________ in Australia next year.
  • are going to work
  • is going to work
  • will work
5. That's a great idea! I _____ phone Carla and see if she is happy.
  • will
  • am going to
  • be going to
6. Do you know Lucy ____ a gym in the city centre?
  • will opens
  • will open
  • is going to open
7. Where are you going on holiday? I don't know yet, maybe ___ to Tanzania.
  • I'm go
  • I will go
  • I am going
8. What __________ if you are tired tomorrow?
  • are you going to do
  • will you do
  • do you will

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