Esercizi third conditional inglese con soluzioni

esercizi third conditional

1. If God ___ wanted me otherwise, He ____ me otherwise.
  • had, would have created
  • had, would have create
  • has, would have created
2. scegli la frase corretta:
  • I would have pass the exam If I had studied more.
  • I would have passed the exam, If I had studied more.
  • I would have passed the exam If I had studied more.
3. If you ______ harder at school,
you would have got better grades.
  • have studied
  • studied
  • had studied
4. If I ___ her that night, I ___ fallen in love.
  • hadn't met, wouldn't have
  • hadn't met, would have
  • had met, wouldn't had
5. If it ___ rained yesterday, what _____ done?
  • had, could you have
  • had, can you have
  • had, could have you
6. if you ___ taken my advice, you _____ so many problems now.
  • had, wouldn't have had
  • had, wouldn't have
  • had, wouldn't had had
7. She could ________ on time if she had used a city map.
  • had arrived
  • have arrived
  • arrives
8. If I ___ talking to him when he said that, I ____ him in the face.
  • had been, would have punched
  • have been, would have punched
  • had been, would punched
9. If you had studied hard, you _____ admitted to the exam.
  • could have
  • could have been
  • couldn't have been
10. If they ____________, bad things would have happened to us.
  • had warned us
  • had not warn us
  • had not warned us
11. If you had gone to bed earlier yesterday, you ___________ tired today.
  • wouldn’t have been
  • wouldn’t had been
  • would have been
12. If computers had cost less when I was a student, I _________ one.
  • would had bought
  • would have bought
  • would have buyed
13. If the weather ____ better, we could’ve gone to the lake.
  • would have been
  • hadn't been
  • had been
14. If he had taken the train, he __________ a car accident.
  • wouldn’t had had
  • wouldn’t have had
  • wouldn’t has had
15. If I had been a smart boy, I ____________ my mother.
  • would not have annoy
  • would have not annoyed
  • would not have annoyed
16. Scegli la frase corretta.
  • I would have remembered if you had told me.
  • I would have remembered, if you had told me.
  • I would have remembered if you had telled me.

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