esercizi su gerundio e infinito inglese

Esercizi di inglese online sui verbi seguiti da gerundio e infinito

gerundio e infinito inglese esercizi con soluzioni

1. I can enjoy reading without ________ a dictionary.
  • using
  • to use
  • use
2. Scegli la frase corretta.
  • Dancing is silent poetry.
  • Dance is silent poetry.
  • To dance is silent poetry.
3. Do you always use an alarm clock ___________?
  • for wake up?
  • to wake up?
  • to waking up?
4. It's very easy _________ about yourself all the time.
  • to talk
  • to talking
  • talk
5. I went on _____________ while she was with me. ( go on = continuare a fare la stessa cosa)
  • to kooking
  • to kook
  • kooking
6. mi ha detto i suoi piani ma si e' dimenticata di avermeli detti
  • She forgot to telling me our plans.
  • She forgot telling me our plans.
  • She forgot to tell me our plans.
7. I mean ______ some important changes in my life.
  • make
  • making
  • to make
8. How many ours ______________?
  • do you need to sleep?
  • do you need sleeping?
  • you need to sleep?

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