Domande e risposte in inglese esercizi - Domande in inglese per esercitarsi

Domande in inglese esercizi

esercizio 2

1. Do you need a pen? (scegli la risposta sbagliata.)
  • Yes I need.
  • No, I don't.
  • Yes, I do.
2. Are they hungry? (scegli la risposta sbagliata.)
  • No, they aren't.
  • Yes, they are.
  • Yes, they do.
3. Would you have gone with John if you had had a day off? (scegli la risposta sbagliata.)
  • Yes I would.
  • No I wouldn't have.
  • No I wouldn't have
4. Scegli la domanda corretta.
  • You were on holiday last summer?
  • Do you go on holiday last summer?
  • Did go you on holiday last summer?
5. Scegli la domanda corretta.
  • Where you were this morning?
  • Where was you this morning?
  • Where were you this morning?
6. Scegli la risposta corretta.
Where _____ meet her?
  • you first
  • you did first
  • did you first
7. ________ a good time last week end?
  • Did you have
  • Do you have
  • Have you
8. What ________ before she turned on the TV?
  • Mary had done
  • had Mary done
  • did MAry do

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